Mirou Lyrics

LUCKY Its alone and it rains in black to a hole that you can't fill back Life changes fast By a sky, I hear sirens cry and I read what I can't deny Your red heart... turns blue when it's mine Ordinary…to a free fall Clear the arrows Lucky Sorrow Life changes fast Like the [...]

Text & Akvarell

DRÖMBRUS Bron den lyser tusen klararaka vägar utHavet blänker svart min käraflätas runt dig tungt Rid ut ditt moln av grus och glitterVi är mitt i drömmars brusDu är aldrig ensam bara uttråkad här till slut Toppar dalar ner till MånenUpp till ett gränslöst djup Morgonen den famlar stillafrån nattens dunkla susVaknar som du gått [...]

Drömbrus on Bandcamp

Drömbrus (Live från Vardagsrummet) by Sumie Dear friends,I had a visit to my friend and also great piano player Håkan Wirenstrand.I wanted to present a new song to him and to see if we could make something good out of it with only his piano and me singing.I'm happy to share this moment that was [...]

Upp Ur Mörkret

Upp Ur Mörkret  under varje steg finns en väg man inte ser det finns en tid bakom varje tag lyssna på din fångst som en fånge kom du långt och nu vinkar du förbi den stad som är rasad och för trång du kan gå längre än för långt det har du visat mig varje [...]

The New Pope

I have had the great honor to have my song "Show talked Windows" featured on the brilliant and beautiful tv-series The New Pope by Paolo Sorrentino.Available on HBO, SKY or C-more in Sweden now. // S    

Steady Hum

Dear friends, I hope all of you are well. With many of us at home I have been going through old songs and short recorded fragments that i have kept over the years. The album Transit has changed form but it has always been a small library with demo songs, so I added a new […]


2020.05.06This is a song I wrote on my piano back in 2018.My plan was to record a Swedish Ep but time lost this track.While we all are spending more time in our homes and I found this off my computer.I had a listen and even though this is a simple recording with my phone I [...]

Moon Lyrics

MOON You can be anyoneanyone tonightFly unknown highwaysto any place you like The freedom with the dreams you haveare coming downto make it up for you tonight The whispers of a Moon in tuneA  Sister lullaby The memories that stayed behindand haunted you has goneIf you still fear the crows at nightyour golden heartholds a [...]

Lost in Light Lyrics

FORTUNE no one notice the between and the far ends of a field dark and fiery clouds roll in to a storm under my skin thoughts of innocence i leave the lights and lock them in in your arms my night begins silent spinning wheels of fortune you keep on turning... me in wish we [...]

TEGAMI sounds

Joined my friends at TEGAMI sounds on the track Screen Dream, you can find the instrumental version here. x Sumie Screen dream (Vocal) by TEGAMI sounds