Upp Ur Mörkret

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Upp Ur Mörkret 🌜 från en märklig sommar... kom en ny låt på svenska. tack för att ni lyssnar. ❤️ S Upp Ur Mörkret by Sumie

The New Pope

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Had the great honor to have my song Show talked Windows featured on the brilliant and beautiful tv-series The New Pope by Paolo Sorrentino. You can watch it on HBO, SKY or C-more in Sweden. https://youtu.be/nNdvNxBtWuo

Steady Hum

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Dear friends, I hope all of you are well. With many of us at home I have been going through old songs and short recorded fragments that i have kept over the years. The album Transit has changed form but it has always been a small library with demo songs, so I added a new … Read More


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https://vimeo.com/415593521 2020.05.06This is a song I wrote on my piano back in 2018.My plan was to record a Swedish Ep but time lost this track.While we all are spending more time in our homes and I found this off my computer.I had a listen and even though this is a simple recording with my phone [...]

Moon Lyrics

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you can be anyone anyone tonight fly unknown highways to any place you like the freedom with the dreams you have are coming down to make it up for you tonight the whispers of a Moon in tune a Sister lullaby the memories that stayed behind and haunted you has gone if you still fear … Read More

Lost in Light Lyrics

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FORTUNE no one notice the between and the far ends of a field dark and fiery clouds roll in to a storm under my skin thoughts of innocence i leave the lights and lock them in in your arms my night begins silent spinning wheels of fortune you keep on turning… me in wish we … Read More

Screen Dream

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    Joined my electric friends at TEGAMI sounds on the track Screen Dream, find the instrumental or the vocal version here. x Sumie              

Cover Hearts


Sunday summer morning! Dear friends, It’s been a long time without any music from me to share out there with you. Therefore I’m so happy and proud to announce my collaboration with my friend David Wenngren from Library Tapes and our single “Cover Hearts” released on the label 1631 Recordings. Listen to “Cover Hearts” here: https://1631recordings.bandcamp.com/album/cover-hearts … Read More

Japan – Moment

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Here is a snippet i recorded and shot while in Japan…on my way back to Narita Airport. My cover on one of my favorite songs ” Time” by the Great Tom Waits (Cassette tape audio:).  



Proud and very honored to be featured on this great playlist “women of acoustic”. Thank you…and to all of you listeners out there. x