Cover Hearts


Sunday summer morning! Dear friends, It’s been a long time without any music from me to share out there with you. Therefore I’m so happy and proud to announce my collaboration with my friend David Wenngren from Library Tapes and our single “Cover Hearts” released on the label 1631 Recordings. Listen to “Cover Hearts” here: … Read More

Japan – Moment

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Here is a snippet i recorded and shot while in Japan…on my way back to Narita Airport. My cover on one of my favorite songs ” Time” by the Great Tom Waits (Cassette tape audio:).  

Show Talked Windows Cover by LUAI

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When someone asks you if an artist can cover your song (the first time for me) its impossible not to feel honored, happy and curious of how they will interpret it. LUAI aka Saara Markkanen from Finland made a cover of Show Talked Windows presenting it beautifully with all forms of grace. Have a listen … Read More


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Happy to be back in Japan. I wish days could be longer here…Loving the food, the kindness and their beautiful culture. Today i am leaving Tokyo for Hiroshima. Looking forward to a new week of train traveling. Sending you postcards from here:  

Japan in October.

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I would like to thank Konstnärsnämnden in Sweden for making it possible for me to travel to Japan. I am so excited to go back, it has been too long since last time. My journey starts in October, more updates soon!   x Sumie Photo by: D. Klevheden

The Colorist

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“Show talked windows” remix by  The Colorist featuring Peter Van den Begin as the brilliant dancing man.  

Follow the train

A song I wrote sometime ago called"Follow the train"is back on Bandcamp. Produced by: Henryk Lipp I play different instruments on this song. The one instrument that I never will forget is the traditional Japanese Koto. Such a beautiful instrument and we were lucky enough to borrow one who had several generations of real Koto [...]

Sumie Lyrics

MIDNIGHT GLORIES there is a soft line across the sight depart in lost signs trying to hide I'm not to notice I'm in disguise kissed on your shoulder to make make you find me midnight glories of walking stories that rust in daylight to drown midnight glories of walking stories that burns in starlight [...]

Autumn 2014

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Photo by Silvia Grav. One of my favorite photographers out there… To see more of her work Poster Layout by Johan Andreasson.


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Glad to announce my song "Curtains" to the shortfilm " Nine months" with a premiere date in October 2014. "9 Months" is a short film, Written by Darren Rapier, starring Robert Coble and Hannah Keeley Directed and Edited by Gareth Fient Produced by Krystal Smith & Gareth Fient Executively Produced by Robert Coble Director of [...]