The Debut Album

Sometimes less is so much more, and in the case of Sumie’s musical path her voice and her acoustic guitar casts the most hypnotic and disarmingly simple spell.
Sumie released her selftitled critically acclaimed debut album “SUMIE” early December 2013 through the prominent indie Label Bella Union.

The album was recorded with the german pianist and producer Nils Frahm in his studio in Berlin with the company of producer and fellow pianist Dustin o Halloran.
Born Sandra Sumie Nagano in Gothenburg, Sweden, she first began composing and recording her songs in 2008 from her apartment in Gothenburg. Previous recordings can still be found at Bandcamp.

Befitting Sumie’s bloodline  (Swedish mother, Japanese father), the album fits both current Scandinavian and Japanese folk strains. “I have always thought that the cultural differences are very interesting,” she says. “My way of doing things definitely carries the duality of both cultures.”

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betyg-mojo“A remarkable, wonderful calling card.” -MOJO


  “Fantastisk fin pop” – Aftonbladet

betyg-gp“Oavbrutet vacker” – GP

betyg-sonic – Sonic

betyg-rockfoto“Sumie är en artist som hittat sin alldeles egen ton. Minimalistiskt och delikat utfört. Albumet är vackert så det gör ont och jag påminns igen om att less ofta är more. Albumet berör mig direkt och i djupet av kropp och själ, precis som stora kärlekar gör. Fulländat.” – Rockphoto

“There are the purely lovely moments like “Midnight Glories” that help make Sumie a quietly compelling, inviting full-length introduction to an artist who can’t help but bewitch listeners willing and able to embrace her stillness.” – All Music Guide

Words from:

Noisey Music by Vice

Sometimes the world is so loud. It feels like now, more than ever, we all have our elbows out and we’re jostling for space, and we’re shouting to be heard. And I’m not just talking about jockeying for a spot on public transport in the morning, or a performer standing on top of a fibreglass mountain howling his importance, but just every day we’re shrieking across the internet, pleading to be heard and acknowledged.

Sumie is the antithesis of this. Her music is quiet and contained, stripped naked like a birch tree in the dead of winter. Sumie makes the most of just one voice and the pluckings of one acoustic guitar, so that when she does allow layers of harmonies to swell it sounds like a gift. There’s something refreshingly isolated about her eponymous debut album, like early Jose Gonzalez, who coincidentally also hails from Gothenburg, Sweden. Fun fact sidenote: Sumie is the sister of Little Dragon singer Yukimi Nagano, but Sumie’s music hovers suspended in a galaxy apart, where everything is simple and beautiful.

– Kim Taylor Bennet

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Front: Johan Karlsson

About: Nina Wallén