The colorist, a band of great musicality and dear friends of mine.
Minds and notes behind it belongs to Kobe Proesmans and Aarich Jespers.

The idea is to create a soundscape around different artists and to their songs and bring it together live. In other words “a live remix”. Iam very honored to be one of them they picked up to work with.

I was over in Antwerpen in May for a visit of rehearsal and 2 try out concerts. We had a great stage and a beautiful audience. For me to play my songs with a full band like this was something truly special, just to hear other musical arrangements around my guitar and voice in this way. Here’s a clip of different scenes from our time in May.


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  • Hi Sumie, ik like your work very much. As I’m going to The Colorist & Emiliana I searched for some info and discovered you already did something with TC. Is there hope for me you and TC make a real tour?

    I hope so and otherwise I hope to see you soon somewhere in Holland.

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