Cover Hearts

Sunday summer morning!

Dear friends,

It’s been a long time without any music from me to share out there with you.

Therefore I’m so happy and proud to announce my collaboration with my friend David Wenngren from Library Tapes and our single “Cover Hearts” released on the label 1631 Recordings.

Listen to “Cover Hearts” here:

Thank you.



Album artwork by: Johan Karlsson




4 Responses

    1. Thank you Lindsay,

      Cover Hearts

      you see my notes and not yourself
      you save our presence in deep wells
      and every night with sherlock’s eye’s
      you seek the lost and steal their finds

      i’m keeping faraway

      making love that loves the dark
      a devils veil to cover hearts
      pearls grow in the deepest sea
      made of tears from you not me

      i’m keeping faraway

  1. Bland det finaste jag hört på länge. Kan ni inte göra ett helt album när ni ändå är i farten 🙂

    1. Tack så mycket Martin! Just nu är inget album aktuellt tyvärr, men i framtiden så vet man vet aldrig ;).
      Tack igen / Sumie

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